I have been fortunate in my wanderings through Africa to have met some legends of professional hunting and I include here Mike Cameron, Franz Coupe, Daniel Henriott, Eric Stockenstroom and last, but certainly not least, Johan Calitz. I met Johan in San Francisco in the early 90's and subsequently worked for him for a very short spell in the late 90's. Our paths crossed again almost 30 years later and to day I am proud to offer, under the guidance and oversight of Johan Calitz Safaris, big game hunting in Botswana.

A.C Campbell writes in his General Survey on Botswana for the famous James Mellon's book African Hunter that few sportsmen or professional hunters outside Southern Africa knew much about a country as big as France and nearly as big as Texas until 1961. Word filtered through that Botswana had a profusion of wildlife unequaled almost anywhere on earth. This remains true today. 

Botswana offers a truly wild and authentic hunting experience boasting game numbers that is simply astounding. The area that you will be hunting is home to the world biggest mega-herd of buffalo with numbers estimated between 4000 and 6000.

some images from botswana

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